To All NC Fire Service Personnel Reference: Legislative Day

One of the most important functions of the North Carolina State Firemen’s Association is to insure that adequate benefits and programs are available to fire service personnel across the State. It is a responsibility our Board and staff take very seriously. For many of these programs and benefits to be available to you, we have to rely on the authority of North Carolina law passed through legislation. Each year your association works hard in the Legislature to insure these programs are maintained and allowed by law, and we often pursue improvements so that benefits are better defined, and improved. To do this, we work with elected officials of the General Assembly from your communities, who look to you as constituents for advice and guidance. We are only effective at the State level with legislation when support from you occurs at the local level.

June 15th of this year we will be hosting our Annual Legislative Day. Please put it on your calendar and plan to attend. This is an opportunity for the fire service to be visible in the Halls of the Legislative Building, letting our legislative representatives know that support for fire service related programs begin at home, their home. It is also an opportunity for you to personally meet and discuss current issues with your elected representative. 200 uniformed firefighters walking through the building makes quite a statement!