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NCAFC Partners with Lexipol

For Fire Service Policy & Training Solutions

It’s imperative to develop a consistent strategy in policy development and training to help keep your community protected and personnel safe.

That’s why we’ve partnered with Lexipol, the leading provider of fire policies and training. 

Lexipol’s North Carolina Fire Policy and Training solution provides: 

  • North Carolina-specific policies vetted by public safety professionals and attorneys

  • Updates in response to legislation, case law and evolving best practices

  • Scenario-based training to bring policy to life

  • Best practice procedures for tactical and administrative operations

  • 24/7 access to your policies via a web-based platform and mobile app

Through our partnership with Lexipol, NCAFC members receive a 5% discount on Lexipol’s North Carolina fire/rescue policies, procedures and training. 

We urge you to learn how Lexipol’s solution can make policy management and training convenient and cost effective for your department.


Contact Lexipol at 844-312-9500 or visit to learn more.

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