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Be Sure to Check Your MWC Registration

MWC Registration Enhancements The Functionality You Have Requested Available in COMMAND ZONE

Our New Individual MWC Event Registration allows you to customize your conference experience by registering for individual or multiple events all at once, based on when you know you can attend, without having to change your full conference registration. SO WHAT DOES THIS MEAN FOR ME?

If you have already registered for full conference, your registration includes the pre-conference and conference workshops, however does not include the additional events such as the Banquet, Golf Tournament, and Spouses Program (for a full list of all events available, click HERE). These require a separate registration, however can be completed all in one visit, with one payment, even for multiple attendees at once, if needed.

Okay, so how do I do that?

When you login to COMMAND ZONE, simply

  • From the Home or Events page, select the event you will be registering for and click REGISTER.

  • Complete the first event registration, however, after clicking CONFIRM, you will see Your Personal Profile page updated with the yellow Balance Due box and invoice listed below

  • DO NOT CLICK PAY ONLINE; instead go back to the Home or Events Page and select the next event registration to be completed. If you are registering multiple people for the same event, in the same visit, it may say that you are “Already Registered,” however select REGISTER anyway and click NEW REGISTRATION. If registering for someone else other than yourself, be sure to use their email address, for them to receive the appropriate confirmations and be eligible for special member pricing.

  • Repeat this for all events and/or officers to be registered. Your Personal Profile page and balance will be updated to include all invoices, and you can then use the check boxes on the right to select all invoices that you want to pay together, all at once.

  • If you are paying online, simply click PAY ONLINE. If you are paying by check, simply submit your check by mail for the total amount, referencing the appropriate invoice numbers.

Need some assistance? Support is available M-F, 9 AM-5 PM by contacting Allison Sikes, NCAFC Webmaster at Strategy Performance at or by calling (252) 937-1880 ext. 222. Please note we are experiencing higher than average inquiries during this time of registration, so please allow up to 24 hours for response, although it is most often sooner. We look forward to seeing you and your team in Concord, NC!

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