Legislative Update


From Tim Bradley, NCSFA Executive Director ​

June 20, 2017


It has come to our attention that, as the Legislative Session is coming to a close, the fireworks lobby has pushed hard to get language inserted to increase the size and sale of fireworks in North Carolina. This is language that was originally introduced in HB 873 and SB 590, both of which did not make the crossover deadline. Their strategy is to introduce similar language in a bill that is eligible to be heard. One bill that has been mentioned is a fire service bill that was initially supported by the fire service, HB 325. This bill has passed the House and is being heard in the Senate. If it doesn't work in this bill, they may try another. 

Call and let them know we're watching, and to NOT pass any legislation that includes, or is amended to include, the increase in the legal size or the increase in the sale of fireworks.

With the numerous bills supportive of the fire service that have not been passed, we need to let them know we're watching closely. 

Please call all of your Legislative members. Act now, so they know we are serious about the safety of the citizens of North Carolina.

Please monitor you legislative reports. As things getting closer to the end of session, which usually occurs shortly after they pass a budget bill, we may send out additional requests on certain items to contact your legislators about. Please continue to talk with them and ask them to support our bills.

CLICK THE BUTTON BELOW to download a report that includes all legislation that has been introduced at the Federal and State Level that the Legislative Committee of the NCSFA/NCAFC's is tracking during the long session. It includes the bill number and a brief description of the bill under the comments section. You can access the legislation by clicking on the Bill number (HB XX) on the left and it will take you directly to the legislative site specific to the bill, including history, sponsors, and action. Once there you can click on the title and read the full text of the bill.

Thanks so much for your ongoing support!

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