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2020 Legislative Session Update

As expected the House and Senate are handling Budget and Covid related bills and issues. The report below shows the bills we are tracking, but thus far most action has been related to continuation of government. We'll continue to monitor. There were two bills introduced in the House and Senate in regards to studying PFAS, which at some point could impact firefighter gear and foam, but these are general EPA bills and do not directly mention firefighter equipment or foam. We'll continue to monitor this issue. Hopefully a compromise can be found that removes these harmful carcinogens without impacting firefighter safety.

This report below includes all legislation that has been introduced in this Session at both the State Level and Federal Level. It includes the bill number and a brief description. You can access the legislation by clicking on the Bill number (HB XX) or (SB XX) on the left and it will take you directly to the legislative site specific to that Bill, including history, sponsors, and actions. Once there you can click on the title for full text. 

For additional information contact: 
Tim Bradley, NCSFA Executive Director
AC Rich, NCSFA Executive Board
Debbie Clary, Governmental Affairs

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