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The Command Post is a series of small video segments that provide relevant and timely information to the fire service for North Carolina. At the core of NCAFC's mission is to provide training opportunities and education for the fire service of our state.


Certified Fire

Investigator Board

Chief Kevin Gordon & Kim Williams


If you're interested in becoming an arson investigator or a fire investigator, you will submit information to the Certified Fire Investigator Board. Watch this episode to learn more.


NC Volunteer Safety Workers Compensation Fund Board

Chief Kevin Gordon & Kim Williams


The Workers Compensation Board was set up by the commission to assist in the management of the workers compensation fund, which is a fund that was set up to compensate fire & rescue workers injured or killed in the line of duty when they are performing their jobs on the volunteer side of the house. Watch this episode to learn more.


NC Fire & Rescue Certification Board

Chief Kevin Gordon & Kim Williams


What is the Fire & Rescue Certification Board? How does the board impact the training & certification programs for our firefighters? Learn more in this episode.


NC Fire & Rescue Commission

Chief Kevin Gordon & Kim Williams


What is the Fire & Rescue Commission and what impacts does it have on the fire service? Learn more in this episode.


Difficult Conversations About Suicide

Captain D. Ali & Engineer D. Briggs


Suicide is a hard thing to talk about. How do you start conversations when you are really concerned about someone and their well-being? The most important thing that you can do is to have relationships. Company officers need to have relationships with their people. Their people need to know that when they are hurting or when they are stressed, they can talk to their company officer. That relationship has to be established. That trust has to be established early. Learn more on their website,


Coping Skills (Mindfulness)

Captain D. Ali & Engineer D. Briggs


In the fire service, we've learned that positive coping skills are really important for us to help process traumas that we experience within our personal and professional lives - and also to help us deregulate our mind and connect our mind back to our body. Mindfulness is the space between stimulus and response. Learn more on their website,


Introduction to Peer Support

Captain D. Ali & Engineer D. Briggs


We are all human and experience stress in our lives. Without appropriate outlets and without appropriate knowledge & skills, we tend to bottle it up. Firefighters show up and feel like they have to put on a face and be perfect and ready to serve. In doing that, we hide what's bothering us and that's why we find bad ways to cope (For example, substance abuse). Learn more on their website,


Volunteer Recruitment (Pt. 1)

A Conversation with Chief Tracy Mosley


Volunteer recruitment and retention is very important to the NC Association of Fire Chiefs and to the fire service of North Carolina. Volunteers are by far the majority of the firefighters that serve our communities. In this video, you will learn more about the SAFER Grant and the tools & experiences offered to departments to help them improve their recruitment and retention process.


Volunteer Recruitment (Pt. 2)

A Conversation with Chief Tracy Mosley


There are free resources available to any volunteer department in the state, such as printable recruitment resources and classes. So many people really want to volunteer and give back to the community. If your department is running out of ideas or looking for something different, please give us a call and we will be happy to assist.


Cancer and Firefighters

A Conversation with Chief Ryan Cole


Cancer -- We are learning more and more about its impacts. Our association felt that it would be very important to get a group of people to talk together about what we need to do as a fire service, from many different angles, and how we could better protect our firefighters moving forward, from the dangers and the risk of cancer.


State Training Facility

A Conversation with Brian Taylor and Daryl Cook


How would a state training facility be able to support, handle and help the fire service in North Carolina from the volunteer department level all the way up to our municipal departments?


Affordable Training

A Conversation with State Fire Marshal Mike Causey


We are continuing our discussion about a state training facility for the fire service of North Carolina and the importance of affordable training.


TDMA (Time Division Multiple Access) Update

Interview with Greg Hauser, Statewide Interoperability Coordinator


We invited Greg to talk with us about some changes that are coming within the statewide radio network that may have some impacts on our fire departments. 

Resource Documents:

SHP VIPER TDMA Memo 7-1-2019 >

OEMS VIPER Medical Network Update >


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