Ride 2 Recovery - Making a Difference in the Lives of Healing Heroes

Please read the email below from Jonathan M. Goldman, EMS Captain at Sandown Fire-Rescue:

I am writing today on behalf of one of our members, 68 year old Sandown NH Firefighter Jerry Lachance, who will be bicycling from the NH/Canada Border (Pittsburgh) all the way to Key West Florida over the course of about 28 days beginning in September. He will be doing this with the goal of raising $10,000 for Ride2Recovery. Ride2Recovery is a veterans group that saves lives by restoring hope and purpose. As part of Jerry's trip, we are asking for support from our brother and sister firefighters along the way. Jerry is pretty self-sufficient, and has done similar rides in the past bringing nothing but his bicycle, the essentials and his tent. We are reaching out to see if you would be willing to assist Jerry by disseminating this email to your membership. We are looking to establish places for him to stay at local firehouses for a night. Inside, or outside it doesn't matter to him. If he could sleep in a bunk, in a meeting room, or even pitch his tent on your stations front or back lawn that's all the support we should need. If you would be willing to disseminate to your local media that would also be appreciated. Jerry and I are both Fire Service Survivors, losing Firefighter/Paramedic Harold Frey in the Line of Duty in January of 2011 due to a cardiac event suffered during ice rescue training. Due to this loss, and the support we recieved nationwide at the time, Jerry and I are intimately familiar with the brotherhood. We see it every year, as a contingent of our members attend the NFFF in Emmittsburg each year to pay our respects to Harold, and all the me