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North Carolina Volunteer Firefighter Geospatial Recruitment and Retention Toolkit


The GIS Volunteer Firefighter Recruitment & Retention Toolkit is part of the IAFC's Workforce Solutions Recruitment and Retention contract with the North Carolina Association of Fire Chiefs (NCAFC) and thanks to the participation of 11 regional associations, including 137 departments across North Carolina. The overall goal of the contract is to increase the number of volunteer firefighters through effective state-wide recruitment and retention efforts. This Toolkit will allow volunteer fire departments in North Carolina to:


  • View volunteer firefighter characteristic profiles for each NCAFC Region 

  • Locate target demographics and points of interest within their community

  • Access recruitment and retention  strategies to build plans based on the unique demographics of their community and volunteer firefighters



Click below for steps to leveraging the NC Volunteer Firefighter Geospatial Recruitment and Retention Toolkit, from data collection to developing successful marketing strategies.


Follow the steps below to leverage this toolkit for recruitment and retention activities. 



Access and complete the surveys that feed this toolkit.

  • Existing Volunteer Firefighter Survey

  • New Volunteer Firefighter Applicant Survey

  • Recruitment Activity Survey 

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