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License Plate Update

November 2022

NCAFC Members,


Thank you for supporting the NC Association of Fire Chiefs Fire Officer License Plate initiative. We appreciate your support and patience to get this accomplished. We wanted to share a couple of updates with you as we move forward.


First, the NC Office of DMV/Specialty Plates is processing the applications and assigning numbers as we speak. Six hundred applicants were required to seek approval for the specialty plate. This will take a while to work through. If your vehicle registration is due for renewal, please renew as normal so your vehicle will remain active for the new plate assignment.


Second, if you are not part of the original license plate applicant pool, please be patient and wait until NCDMV has processed the original applications. This may be a few months as NCDMV processes all applications. Once the new plate is made public, you will need to submit applications directly to NC DMV and not NCAFC. Remember, to be eligible for the NC Fire Officer Plate you will need to show proof of affiliation with an NC Fire Department (NCDMV will specify what is needed).


Thanks again for your support!


NC Association of Fire Chiefs

Board of Directors

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