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Executive Director

The North Carolina Association of Fire Chiefs is seeking qualified candidates to fill the position of Executive Director. After years of unprecedented organizational growth, our current Executive Director Wesley Hutchins, has announced his plan to retire in August 2024.

The North Carolina Association of Fire Chiefs (NCAFC) was formed to enhance the knowledge, skills and abilities of the fire service through information, education, communication and action, which will best protect the firefighters and citizens of North Carolina. The vision of the NCAFC is to be a highly visible organization, dedicated to providing leadership and direction in a cooperative, informed, and progressive manner.  This is accomplished by providing education and training for executive development and management, collecting and disseminating information, establishing formal positions on relevant issues, administering mechanisms for networking, and providing a process to address legislative issues.

The Executive Director reports to an eight-member Board made up of a President, First Vice President, Second Vice President, Immediate Past President, elected Treasurer, and three regional directors. The Executive Director plans, organizes, and directs the operations of the Association.

Candidates for this position must have strong leadership and managerial skills, combined with excellent interpersonal and communications skills. A proven, successful record of experience in supervisory and administrative assignments while demonstrated skill within the following critical areas: strategic planning, operations management, event management, marketing, communications, and financial management, is also required.

Primary Responsibilities


Strategic Planning & Operations Management

  • Manage and direct the NCAFC toward its primary objectives such as member support, operating efficiencies, and return on investment

  • Work in conjunction with the NCAFC Board of Directors and related partners, to develop and implement major initiatives, coordinate operations of all related contractors and vendors to complement association goals, and to ensure that operations are being executed in accordance with by-laws and membership needs

  • Monitors implementation of initiatives, measures achievements against objectives, and directs modification of plans as conditions warrant

  • Make recommendations and/or decisions, as required, regarding NCAFC contractor or vendor changes

  • Manage portfolio of membership benefits, including life insurance, and member discounts

  • Promotes cooperation and communication among board and association members, and fire service partners, to foster unity of purpose

  • Establish current objectives and long-range goals, plans and policies through consultation with board and appropriate advisory partners

  • Review current direction of the association and visualize the future and what steps should be taken to reach the vision, looking for new opportunities for growth

  • Provide general direction and supervision to the Assistant Director as it relates to educational programs and other assigned duties


Event Management

  • Working with NCAFC Board of Directors, determine all association events to be held and appropriate budget, pricing, and target audiences for each. Current events include:

    • NCAFC Board Meetings and Planning Sessions

    • Mid-Winter Conference

    • NC Fire Prevention School NCAFC Annual Meeting (SAFRE or Virtual)

    • Annual Election of Officers (SAFRE or Virtual)

    • Executive Development Program

    • Training Development Program

  • Working with appropriate support partners and vendors, acquire and/or contract all resources needed to support events, including, however not limited to accommodations, site planning, staffing, meals, IT support, speakers, and facilitators

  • Manage the planning, scheduling, and delivery of all NCAFC Board Meetings and Planning Sessions, including meeting content and communication of minutes to board members

  • Attend other fire service meetings and events as required, including regional association meetings, Volunteer Workforce Solutions events, and legislative meetings

  • Working with web and communications support partner, establish the registration and communication plan and manage all website updates, emails, social media, and advertising required for each event

  • Establish and manage all staffing needs of each event and serve as primary point of contact at each event, insuring the best attendee and vendor experience

  • For Mid-Winter Conference, serve as the primary liaison and relationship manager for all sponsors and vendors

  • Complete post-event evaluations and reviews to implement continuous improvement efforts for future events

  • Provide registration and event support as required to other fire service agencies (i.e., NC Fire Academy Weekend, OSFM)


Marketing & Communication

  • Working with appropriate support partners and vendors, establish and approve quarterly Marketing & Communication Schedule

  • Direct and approve all member, event and association marketing efforts and communication, including, however not limited to, website updates, emails, social media posts, app messaging, video production, print media and signage

  • Oversee consistency of communication in support of member needs and an optimal member experience

  • Review analytic reports of all communication channels in support of continuous improvement efforts


Finance Management

  • Oversee adequacy and soundness of the organization’s financial structure, working in conjunction with NCAFC Treasurer and appropriate financial and legal advisors

  • Direct board of directors to keep the association in compliance with all financial and tax- reporting requirements

  • Present regular financial reports to board of directors on a quarterly basis

  • Manage and retain financial sponsorship with Strategic Partner and sponsors


Relationship Management

  • Represent NCAFC in all dealings with the board of directors, fire service agencies, members, vendors, contractors, government agencies, and the public at large. Agencies include, however are not limited to:

    • NC Regional Associations

    • Professional Firefighters & Paramedics of NC

    • NC Fire Marshals Association

    • NC Fire and Life Safety Educators

    • NC Fallen Firefighters Foundation

    • NC State Firefighters Association

    • NC League of Municipalities

    • NC Emergency Management

    • Volunteer Workforce Solutions

    • IAFC

    • OSFM

  • Interface and coordinate with board of directors and support staff, communicating concerns and needs


Applications will be accepted until the close of the business on Monday, May 27, 2024.


The NCAFC is an equal opportunity employer and does not discriminate based on race, color, religion, sex, national origin, disability, sexual orientation or age.

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