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The NC Association of Fire Chiefs & Cape Fear Community College Proudly Present the 61st


March 14-18, 2022
Carolina Beach, NC


Limited to 150 Students

Co-Sponsored by
North Carolina Fire Marshal's Association
Carolina Beach Fire Department
Johnson Controls

  Eagle Fire Protection

Lance, Inc.

  Knox Company
Coca Cola

NC Department of Insurance | Office of State Fire Marshal 




The Sixty-First North Carolina Fire Prevention School will be held March 14 - March18, 2022 at the Courtyard Marriott,  Carolina Beach.  The Fire Prevention School is presented by the NC Association of Fire Chiefs and Cape Fear Community  College.  The on-site school registration will begin on Monday, March 14, 2022, at 11:30 a.m. and the school will conclude at  11:30 a.m. Friday, March 18, 2022.   


Monday’s  Schedule at  the  Courtyard  Carolina  Beach,  at  100 Charlotte Avenue,  Carolina  Beach,  North  Carolina

  • Registration: 11:30  a.m.  –  1:00  p.m.

  • Opening  Session:  1:00  p.m.  - 4:30 p.m. 

The  topic  of the  afternoon  will be  NC Fire  Code  Section  510  -  Emergency Responder Communication  Coverage  –  presented  by  Alan  Perdue, Executive  Director  of Safer  Buildings  Coalition.   The  afternoon  session is part  of  the  Fire  Prevention  School  and  attendance  is required. )

All  other  classes  will  begin  at  8:00  a.m.  Tuesday  –  Friday.  Attendance  in  all  classes  and class  functions  is  required  for  course  credit.


The  Fire  Prevention  School’s  philosophy  has  always  been  to  offer  competency-based instruction,  whereby,  the  student  is  exposed  to  a  broad  base  of  material  going  beyond the  requirements  of  the  fire  code.    With  this  in  mind,  students  should  not  be  subjected to  a  duplication  of  the  certification  classes  but  will  receive  more  in-depth  study  on  related topics.  

Three  courses  make  up  the  North  Carolina  Fire  Prevention  School  including  Basic (General),  Intermediate  (General/Technical),  and  Advanced  (Advanced/Technical) classes  are  required  for  graduation  from  the  Fire  Prevention  School.  Students  should  plan to  take  the  three  courses  in  succession  regardless  of  their  position  in  their  jurisdiction.  

The  2022 NC Fire  Prevention  School  is  limited  to 150 students  with  no exceptions. Early  registration  is  a  must  to  ensure  you  receive  a  position  in  the  school. 



Basic  (General)  -  this  course  will  offer  general  information  on  the  Building  Construction,  Using  the  Fire Code  with  Other  Codes  including  Zoning,  Electrical  Hazards,  Motor  Fuel  Dispensing  Facilities,  General Precautions  (Chapter  3),  Means  of  Egress  (Chapter  10)  and  others.    It  is  designed  for  the  novice  inspector or  for  the experienced  inspector  who  seeks  an  update on  Fire Code requirements.    Students  should bring a  copy  of  the  2018  Building  Code  and  Fire  Code  with  NC  Amendments.


Intermediate  (General/Technical)  –  this  course  offers  the  student  a  mixture  of  general  and  technical information.    It  will provide  information  from  the  code  and  will address material  used  daily  by  the  Fire Inspector.    Topics include  Alternative  Fire  Protection  Systems,  Fire  Alarm  Systems,  Extraction  Facilities, Breweries  &  Distilleries,  Fire  Service  Features  and  others.  


Advanced  (Advanced  Technical)  -  this  course  offers  the  student  a  look  at  more  advanced  technical information.  Topics  include  Flammable  Finishes,  Balancing  Safety  &  Security  in  Educational  Occupancies, High  Piled  Combustible  Storage,  Leadership  Compass,  Media  Relations,  Hazardous  Materials  and  others.  




The  current  NC  Fire  Prevention  Code  with  NC  amendments  will  be  the  primary  text;  the  NC Building Code  with  NC  amendments  will  be  used,  and  the  Administrative  Code  and Policies will  also  be  referenced.   The  code  books  will  not  be  available  on  the  premises.    Please  contact  the  NC Department  of  Insurance,  Engineering  Division,  at  telephone  (919)-647-0001  for  information  on  ordering a  code  book.  Class  participants  will  need  to  bring  their  code  books.  


All  class  presentations  will  be  going  paperless  this  year.    ALL  students  will  be  required to bring  an  electronic  device  to  class  if  they  wish  to  follow  the  presentations  from  instructors.  Cape  Fear  Community  College  will  provide  electronic  access  to courses.


On  Thursday  night,  there  will be  a  cookout  for  all students followed  by  a  one-hour  class on  topics of current  interest.    This  class  will  allow  students  to  further  discuss  code  enforcement  topics  and  issues  not covered  in  the daytime classes.  The  cost  of  the  cookout  is  included  in  the  registration.  If  you  plan  to bring an  unregistered  guest  to  the  cookout  an  additional  fee  of  $15.00  is  required.  Tickets  will be  available  during  registration  prior  to the  opening  session.




Lodging  has  been  arranged  at  a  special  rate  for  this  school  at  the  Courtyard  Marriott  Carolina  Beach.  The rates  are  $104.00  per  night  plus  tax.  Please  call  the  hotel  directly  to  make  reservations  by  calling  1-800-321-2211  or 

910-458-2030 or click HERE to book online.   Students  are  responsible  for  their  own  reservations  and should note  they  are  attending  the  Fire  Prevention  School.   


Have Questions?   Contact  Fire  Prevention  School  Coordinator  Charlie  Johnson  at  (919)  647-0094  or by  email  at  charlie.johnson@ncdoi.gov  or  Jake  Whisnant  at  (980)  522-6129  or  by  email  at jwhisnant@ncafc.com.


We  look  forward  to  having  you  with  us  this  year! 




The Cook-out and class will be held on Thursday evening at Carolina Beach FD. The class following the cook-out is part of the credited hours for continuing education credit.   




Under the NC Code Officials Qualification Board (Q-Board), Cape Fear Community College is an approved sponsor for Continuing Education credit and will offer a minimum of 12 hours of continuing education credit for Basic, Intermediate, and Advanced Courses of the Fire Prevention School.   




The school fee is $150.00 per student.  Remember, all fees must accompany registration forms. 


The NC Community College Occupational Extension fee of $125.00 is applicable for non-fire service students ($275.00 total registration for non-fire service occupations).   


Registration fee includes supplies, breaks on Monday afternoon, lunches on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, and the Cookout on Thursday evening.   


Checks should be made payable to:   Cape Fear Community College 


Please mail check and registration form to: 


2022 NC Fire Prevention School       

Cape Fear Community College / STC       

4500 Blue Clay Rd       

Castle Hayne, NC 28429  


Please return the registration form with payment by February 18, 2022.  All fees are required to be paid prior to the start of the Fire Prevention School.  After that date, please call 910-362-7799 or 910-362-7711 for class availability.  No refunds after February 18, 2022.