Health & Safety Survey

Please Complete December 16th

The North Carolina Association of Fire Chiefs would like to invite you to participate in our 2020 Survey on Health and Safety. Every department’s participation in this survey is significant whether the department is volunteer, combination or fully paid. Information in this survey will be available at the Mid-Winter Conference, just as the Pay Study Survey had a significant impact and is still available on the NCAFC website; we feel this information will have a lasting impact as well.

Your department’s participation in this survey is significant to identifying our current status of Health and Safety of the fire service in North Carolina as well as assisting the leadership in the fire service in justifying our future needs. Each year, your department likely does a risk analysis on your organization and community to account for expenditure and justify your needs. The NC fire service participation in this survey will assist us in completing a risk analysis on the fire service in NC.


To assist everyone in completing the survey we have placed a tool on our web site to allow you to gather the information in advance. Click the button below to access our “2020 NCAFC Health and Safety Survey Reference Tool” to assist you with preparing for the survey.

The North Carolina Association of Fire Chiefs Board of Directors would like to encourage everyone to assist us with obtaining the most accurate information possible while we identify our risks and formulate solutions for the future. We would also like to thank you for your willingness to complete the survey and allowing us to serve and assist you in improving the fire service.


The Health and Safety Survey will be available until December 16th.

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